Players play the PlayStation Classic and add games that should not be included


The recently launched PlayStation Classic relays PS1 with his & her; original shapes and some of the most important titles – but players now want to add more games just with their; consul.

The Christmas gift is a great fit for a new player, a PlayStation Classic player with 20 retro titles that threw a lot of things back to his youth with games such as Tekken 3 and Rayman.

However, the fans were unhappy to hear that the games that were pre-installed games were only the only games available, so some of the players have decided take things into their own hands.

The PlayStation Classic is a smaller entertainment than the first one.

The consular smokers find the key to physically implement the PS Classic system of decommissioning on the device itself, rather than being privately owned by Sony.

Indeed, as Ars Technica puts it, "Sony released the PlayStation Classic with the lock key to its own software hidden lock."

By making worse things, the bearer put his actions on Twitch, and explained there was no other security on & #; name checks, which means that it was possible to load a lot of things on the machine; using USB, as shown by Crash Bandicoot video running on the Classic.

With all this now, PlayStation Classic owners simply download files to USB, push them in and play of games unneashed & # 39; on consuls.

However, players currently have one of the twenty games slots that came in with their original consons, as shown in the video above.

At just $ 100, it is clear that many of the PlayStation Classic are soon trying to make money in homesickness in a good time for the holidays. Sony security may not belong to Sony, a & # 39; think they do not seem to give a lot of ongoing support for the consul.

Rooms come very quickly and quickly about their ability; for the launch of PlayStation 5 as early as 2019, with Sony going out of the future E3; adding more fuel to the content, so their hands may now be full.

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