PlayStation 5 will be a "monster" for $ 500 and will be introduced next year


According to the backbone, Sony is already in great arms for the next generation of consuls.

According to the recent information that Sony does not have the E3 next year, there may appear to be a kind of company's silent year, but the other side is true.

New information came in User reddit RuthenicCookie, the day before the official news was correctly said that Sony would not come to E3 2019. However, more interesting, too, has given more information, what Sony plans for 2019. So let's summarize what he said. Indeed, everything needs to be carried against a dispute, because it is not deceived in one case that does not mean that it will be right in everything:

  • According to his information, the PlayStation Experience event will return to everything new. Depending on why Sony's E3 2019 does not come to Sony they have "given games" on E3 games this year and did not want to make the same program again
  • Most PlayStation 5 devices have already developed, which, according to him, is a powerful monster
  • The first event will take place in mid-2019 and the PlayStation Experience is named after this year, with its # 39; communication appears on its & # 39; First performance and shown in full on the second one. However, the plans for this can still be changed
  • It is expected that the consote will provide 4K / 60FPS consistent, according to its information, and in the & # 39; This quality offers support from a consulate such as Anthem
  • The games are consigned The Last of Us 2, Stranding Death and Tsushima Ghost, but these games will also be available on PlayStation 4, as everyone expects this platform
  • The consolation distribution is either recorded March or November 2020, information is still going on
  • Tsushima's death and ghost lines in the "ending"
  • It is said that a Dualshock 5 dancing camera that will serve on a VR track
  • The $ 500 deposit will cost, will be 8-star Ryzen's most important. There is also an administrative camera. According to information, Sony also tested on gloves designed for the CoR. The VR headset does not have a "breakbox" box and will be entered into the communication

And that's all. We see the level of information that will be confirmed, but if it is true that consular publishing in 2020, Microsoft can be included in the plans largely.


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