PlayStation Classic sold 120,000 units after it was introduced in Japan


On 3 December, PlayStation Classic started in various markets around the world and its show was marked by a number of objections related to the game, its format and its overall achievement . In the middle of an unhealthy environment and with an incredible offer of titles, it was anticipated that Sony's little communications would be incredible and that the information about it was started to & # 39; flowing.

According to recent Media Media report (on, the first week of the PlayStation Classic market in Japan was not as favorable and her; registering 120,000 units, living less than a; The first sale of what is rated as a direct competition in the retro console series, SNES Classic Edition. In that sense, it must be remembered that the mini SNES sold, in 4 days, 368,913 units in Japan, consolidated as one of the worst seasonal results and even a previous year, The NES Classic sold 261,000 units in that country. Unfortunately, this was not done with PlayStation mini and the players' choice is unlikely to have a Sony retro product offer.

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