PlayStation defines why they are not present at E3 2019


Last year, Sony surprised his friend and friend by telling them to skip E3 in 2019 after a number of strong years. Back then, it was not quite clear why PlayStation chose to be present but only "we look for new creative ways to communicate with our community". Make it today Head of PlayStation Shawn Layden in an interview with CNET A booklet about how they came to Sony's decision.

According to Layden, the overall concept and base of the E3 now does not apply to the current situation. The E3 was first for retailers to confirm what to buy for holiday months and for journalists (game) to write stories for magazines. Today, this move has changed completely.

"Now there is a February event called Destination PlayStation, where we bring all retailers and third party partners to the story of the year. , making talks in February. June, now, is just too late to hold a Christmas holiday debate with retailers. So big sales have dropped. And now journalists , with the internet and a game announcement is 24/7, it has lost its impact around it. So the trade show became a commercially unparalleled show. The world has changed, but E3 has not changed. "

The E3 becomes increasingly relevant to publishers and console makers

Sony is likely to continue in the steps of other publishers and also consultees who have significantly reduced the presence of E3 in recent years. For example, last year there was an Xbox at a Mixer's current booth and it was not at the show and both both EA and Activision both have both had. EA chose even to mark the event near the E3, just like Microsoft last year at the Microsoft Theater next to the show.

Xbox will be more than ever before E3 2019

Xbox seems to make the best use of the fact that PlayStation will not be present at E3 this year. Philip Spencer said earlier in an interview that Xbox wants to make a bigger mark this year than it has ever played on their favorite game fair in the world.

Sony is astonished in a shop this year or does not they just have to show this year?

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