PlayStation Now starts in Portugal with 600 titles – Computers


A group of countries now includes Portugal providing a PlayStation 4 streaming service, with more than 600 games, including PS2 and PS3 titles.

Sony is named PlayStation Now now available in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden, with a catalog of 600 titles, not only with PlayStation 4, but also PS3 and PS2. This is a subscription service which allows you to access video games via streaming (instantly) without the need for a physical version or download down a separate title.

The service's benefit is access to the long catalog of PlayStation, from the second generation to PS4 titles, not just console, but also on a Windows PC. The PS2 and PS4 games can be executed automatically on the PlayStation 4. Overall, the catalog has over 600 games from the last three generations of PlayStation, including the Latest Mortal Kombat X, For Honor, WWE 2K18, Lego Batman 3 and Sonic Generations, To emphasize some. PlayStation Portugal also promises some non-alignments, including The Last Night, Bloodborne, God of War III, restored, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One.

The cost of the service is 14.99 euro per month or € 99.99 for an annual subscription. Interested parties can experiment with making that service free of charge for seven days for new users, registered through the PS Now program, which is available on the PlayStation Store. Sony promises to send new titles monthly to the catalog they offer.

It should be noted that, as a service based entirely on cloud-based technology, that is accessible through flow, you should have an internet connection as quickly as possible and regularly. to stop the connection in the middle of a match.

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