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Studio French game Quanitc Dream on the 20th announced that they are expanding to PC games and are preparing to move the latest Detroit games: Change Man, Super Killer: Two Souls and Rainstorm to PC t .

According to The Verge, Quancc Dream Studio has developed the PlayStation game over the last ten years, and Detroit: Changing People and Super Killer: Two Souls are special jobs.

Now they plan to go into a PC games market. The previous PlayStation monopoly "Detroit: Change" is also available in the PC game Epic Games. In response to this change, Guiltenmede Fondaumière, senior director and publishing director of Quinic Dream, in an interview with The Verge:

Quanitc Dream The next step is to talk to David Cage. Studio is an opportunity to convert to the PC to involve the team in lots of projects at the same time.

The most important change to our studio is that it no longer works as a publisher with publishers, from Detroit: Changing People, Super Killing: Two Souls, and Rainstorming. At the beginning, we have the ability to launch games.

Quancc Dream Studio's original studio Epic is also great for Epic.

At the moment, Steam is the biggest face in a PC market. Epic has also had a good start, which was officially launched last December, and can be used as "Tom Clancy: Blockade 2" and "Wheel Deep Tunnel: Exile". Other famous travelers and independent games are also there to help, the game remains very popular.

However, Epic sales performance is not good. According to data from previous risks, the total value of Epic fell by 12% and profitability also declined.

Aghaidh Interface Store Epic Game.

For game developers, games sales are often the most important feature. If sales do not meet expectations, or good sales figures do not, it will affect the decision of game developers on whether to continue this platform.

So now there are sources of games that offer 90% of sales income as negotiating items for game developers. If the sales are not very good it will affect the Epic ability of the developers to win games.

But despite the stage, Guillaumede Fondaumière says that he was still showing confidence by working with Epic.

The quality of the work is still the most important thing, and the Epic Games Store can provide participants with a reasonable proportion of income, allowing us to improve our games. On top of that, we can be more prominent in the Epic Games Source. They can be listed on the main page along with other high-quality games, I believe this can support our games, especially the new games that are released.

Guillaumede Fondaumière many didn't appear in the interview with The Verge, and he doesn't mention the reasons for choosing Epic and the idea to go into the PC game market. For the time when "Detroit: Change Man", "Super Killer: Dà Souls" and "Kstorm Killer" are on the line, there is still no specific date.

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