PLEASE READING: Remembrance of reflective elements and road traffic rules


To take more account of the road, the police also invite walkers. For their own safety, they should not forget about these policies.

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Its current year can add to smaller visibility
to go. Walks should not forget about reflective elements and road rules
traffic. A policeman offers a number of suggestions that help them to build them

"Walkers can increase their visibility on the road
for example by using reflective elements that are; reduce visibility
show that the event rises up to a 200 meter pace, "

Police spokeswoman Lucia Mihalikova from Bratislava said.

When you cross the road, walkers must have a pass, route over or use
underpass. They should go to the road after the police investigated
The situation is on the road and make sure it does not even reach one side
without a carriage. They can also raise safety by not being on the road
from park cars that make it impossible for others
driver scene.

The police also give warning to walkers to; look at the light signal
for walkers. Mihalíková says they should use the passage in principle
for walkers and always entering the shortest, that is perpendicular.

To give more attention, the police also challenge motor vehicle drivers.
It is important that they carry them in a way that is flexible and sensible. ride
to be altered "State and nature of the road, the weather
own circumstances and abilities "
. That spokesman explained
drivers can pay more attention and respect to other partners
traffic to avoid incidents that have an adverse effect.

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