Pleky will not be happy! Lucie Vondráčková named what her sons wanted


Because her new album has been released, she is Lucie Vondráčková maybe more time for free. "I am particularly involved in boys. We look forward to Jesus," said the singer. Due to their father, Tomas Plekanec ended up participating in the HNL and back to Bohemia, he can not help build a son, as he would have liked it.

Lucius Vondráčková does not remember, however, Adam and Matthias have responsibilities in Canada, and her mother's words are clear that she is very excited from the life of the sea. "The only thing weird is that schools do not have a hot meal," she said, her children in Canada were poor.

But it is clear that Adam and Matthias are not at all remembered. "The boys want to stay. They have relatives, school, rings, and you want me to go anywhere. I do not want to destroy it. And I have to wait here for a & # 39; winter, "said Lucia to

Vondráčková tells about the relationship that was pressed: the pace of wildlife was!

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