Plot plates, pricier cones: How water pressure affects Pinoys


MANDALUYONG – Residents of a number of townships were here on the way up to Tuesday morning to fill the springs and drums with water from tankers such as taps in the town and nearby fields drying out as a result of breakdowns. introduction into a service.

Insolvency Manila Water has cut the water supply at Mandaluyong and other parts of the Metro Manila as the water level in Dam La Mesa was reduced due to a lack of water and growing demand.

Water drums and pails on a Tuesday were sold for P90 to P100 each, up from P80.

Purchased water, which was previously spent at P95 every 7 liters, is now costing P100 to P105.

Bottled water supplies that would last for a week were now selling out in daytime at sari-sari shops.

Some different chargers, differs, plates and reusable containers, or plastic wrapped in plastic, to avoid washing them. This pushed prices up to P1 to P2 against serving at some foods.

Manila Water organized 27 tankers for delivering day-to-day water in areas that hit the service disruption, the physical communication head of Jeric Sevilla said.

He said that water was giving priority to hospitals.

Maynilad, a half-west service of Metro Manila, has agreed to share their provision with Manila Water.

Maynilad has a water capacity of 291 million liters, which was built after the El Niño initiative interrupted the company's services, in 2010, corporate communications said Jennifer Rufo.

The level of water at La Mesa Dam was 68.85 meters by 6 a.m., below a steel level of 69 meters above sea level, PAGASA described Danny Flores as a Hydraulic.

It is not recommended that clouds are tagged to spawn and raise the dam during the summer, he told DZMM.

"This will mean the portable shields. Dry in summer, Hindi likes iyung mag-cloudseeding," he said.

(Putting the nails of the clouds makes use of silk clouds. Our clouds are even more difficult in the summer, they are not guaranteed to make weeds.)

With a report from Lyza Aquino, ABS-CBN News

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