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Everyone knows that smoking, obesity and the lack of physical activity increase the risk consecrationbut others – who are not so familiar – factors.

Cardasho-defect diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide, according to data from the World Health Organization.

Here is a list of different things that increase the risk of heart disease:

1. Do not clean your teeth

Several studies show that people who do not care about dental hygiene are more often than victims of heart disease and dental visits.

Bacteria in the mouth can enter the blood through boneless tissue or injuries, and then contribute to deposits of deposits in the veins.

Bacteria can become more common in some liver proteins which cause inflammation of the blood vessels.

This swelling can lead to heart or stroke.

Tip? Clean your teeth regularly and avoid this trip to a dentist.

2. Know the headteacher

It's not just fun – that he can chew a head injury to your two-health health.
A 10-year Swedish study published in the British Medical Journal revealed that a poor relationship with senior workers in the work was increasing heart attacks in 40% of people.

"A heart attack can be caused by great responsibility at work," said Visione Kumar, a leading scientist in the Cardiovascular Disease Orlando Institute (SA).

The risk of increased disturbance is accompanied by other factors such as sleep deprivation and poor nutrition.

3. A special event

Unfortunately, sudden, traumatic or death in the family can break your heart.
A study by the American American of Menopause shows that the blood vessels of women who have survived over three weaker events are weaker than the pregnant women's vessels.

Dr Jackie Ibane says that pressure is causing the huge amount of adrenaline, which accelerates heart speed and causes blood pressure.

4. A lonely feeling

People with low links to other people who have 29% higher chance of heart disease and 32% higher up heart attacks, according to another study published in the British Medical Journal.

Loneliness can be worrying, and her uncles have no feelings.

The Oxford University in 2014 published survey results consumed by over eighty years in over 700,000 women. Women who live with a friend have had a chance to die by lonely cardiomyopathy ischemic women.

5. Depreciation

The Heart of America Association has reported that 33% of patients who have gained a heart attack in the United States can be experiencing depression.
Doctors believe that people with mental health problems do not have the power to make decisions that affect their health.

Nika Goldberg, the director of New York's Center for Women's Health, tells how people suffering from depression can be too healthy in their habit, such as healthy eating or alcohol.

“People in a bad situation do things that give them comfort. They don't think they're healthy or not, ”said Goldberg.

6. Menopause

Hormonal imbalances can be unfair
The risk of introducing women is higher after sugar.
One of the reasons is that there is a reduction in natural hormone in their bodies.

According to scientists, Estrogen has a positive effect on the inner walls of the veins, and keeps blood pipes up.

By coming of age, blood vessels are tightening and getting smaller, which puts pressure on their veins, explaining Jackie Iolaire.

However, good nutrition and regular physical activity can help.

(BBC News)

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