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The ceremony welcomes APEC directors to attend the 26th summit

The ceremony welcomes APEC directors to attend the 26th summit

During the two days, 17 – 18 November, the First Minister had a senior work program, ranging from shared ideas and ideas at private meetings, workshop sessions with APEC directors. APEC directors and International Money Fund (IMF), with the leaders of 14 countries of the Western Isles, APEC Business Advice Council (ABAC) and bilingual meetings with Prime Minister of New Zealand, Vanuatu, Thailand, heads of several Pacific Islands, Head of Hong Kong Special Administration Department (China); APEC's business union is in APEC, which includes a number of large corporations; investment in Vietnam …

At the meetings, the Prime Minister made a strong statement promoting trade and investment free trade, supporting WTO, economic integration, sustainable development, and & cover and transformation of the digital economy.South Westerly

From the APEC collection in Da Nang, the international situation has changed rapidly and more complicated than the repression; The global economy shows signs of inequality, new challenges, previously unprecedented regions, threatening the sustainability of the global exchange system. That needs the effort, cooperation, close links of the members.

The PM said that APEC should continue to create a new inspiration for growth, trade, investment, commitment and development, so that no one else is left, enjoy the results. of globalization and economic integration in the digital age. Only so, APEC has set its position as a major regional economic forum. Summit APEC 2018 should show the main role of APEC in supporting a multilateral, transparent, transparent, inclusive, fair and regulated trading system. In a new context, you must continue to & # 39; consolidate, reform and promote the WTO role.

As a regional economic equality system, APEC should promote economic cooperation and co-ordination methods such as the Economic Community of the ASEAN, the CPTPP Agreement and the RCEP to create the creation of a Devolution Management Area with Asia-Pacific (FTAAP), in order to ensure consistency, balance of interests and consensus between connecting strategies.

It can be said that he attends the 26th Meeting of Prime Minister, Nguyen Xuan Phuc, at the twentieth anniversary of coming to Vietnam to APEC (1998-2018) Vietnam's reputation, placement in this important regional forum, to reinforce active, active and reliable Victoria participation in & # 39; shape regional economic integration, continue to & # 39; contribute to the future of the Games. Looking at a peaceful, sustainable and wealthy Economic Community.


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