Podcast: Elon Musk in Los Angeles completed the first tunnel for the hyperloop. Future transport will become a reality


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  • In Los Angeles, they finished the first tunnel for the hyperloop. What does this mean to be & # 39; future trend?
  • How can the magic landscape of ice and fire travel for some money? The nearest island is Traveling photographer, December 4 in Bratislava KC Duna was introduced by David Varga. tickets you can find it here.
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Hyperloop world Elon Musk in August 2013. In addition to the technical terms, the pilot project included a vision of the proposed route to its; connects Los Angeles with a city center called San Francisco Bay Area. Musk surprised the world that would transport between these 570 km of long spaces a little less than 30 minutes due to & # 39; hyperloop

A transport system should be based on the principle of capsule that moves into therapeutic hidden tunnels Maximum speed 1300 km / h. TGV is very fast from France and Maglev from Japan is more than twice. Okay, Musk wants more the whole system is powered by solar energy.

Photograph: Produce company

Hyperloop development in the world

At this time, there are three companies in the world at Hyperloop, led by Elon Muska. Just a few months ago, she tested the first prototype capsule made of common materials, Hyperloop TT in El Puerto de Santa María, Spain. However, the hyperloop testing paths are not just the only one in Spain, but Also in China or in the United Arab Emirates.

But, Muskov. The company is delighted to make progress. Just a few days ago in the United States The first tunnel that was completed to serve the public by the end of this year. It is under "Baile Angels".

New tunnel in Los Angeles

First complete tunnel It is considered that the Conservative Company will test the vision of the Los Angeles transport system, which will be later on to & # 39; connect Angels to the San Francisco. tunnel It is approximately 3.2 kilometers long, start on Space X land and its & # 39; finishing just under the village on the 120th Street. The company would like to work on the transport system ends by 10 December.

Even before the end of the year, a & # 39; The first settlers in Los Angeles have to produce a prototype of the hyperloop. Musk has previously advised that he will be in the test stage free transport. Once all the information has been saved and that the system has been fully operational, the ticket will be paid, but it should still be much cheaper than the bus service.

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