Pogba air Juventus "supporting" Ronaldo, MU


Thursday, November 22, 1818 10:05 AM (GMT + 7)

In the case of Pogba split MU to return to Juventus, Mourinho coach plans for his own.

The video compiles the time of Pogba and Usain Bolt's penalty of 100m

After being saddened in Russia and her & her; Bringing a lot of support for France to win his play, Pogba returned MU With great hope in the new season.

Pogba on Juventus Ronaldo, MU - Tha Mourinho on the place of SAO Belgium - 1

Pogba left his beliefs with United

However, the mood of the "Red Devils" breaks up on & # 39; making the highest of Paul Pogba destroyed. Manchester derby runs MU out of the Top 4 with only 20 points after 12 visits.

Juventus comes quietly with Pogba when the Frenchman is not happy at Old Trafford, according to his. Daily Chalciomercato. Take the chance MU In the European League party platform, the Juventus bid against Turin is 60 million euros to bring the player back to Turin.

Pogba also spoke to his former companion at Juventus and sent out his decision to return to the old place. Especially when "Grandma" is now appearing in the state stable Cristiano Ronaldo, who is hoping to help Juventus to win the European League.

Jose Mourinho knows some time or later the 25-year-old MU's vacancy unless he gets a big title. In addition, the control of Bo after his beautiful controversy with Pogba was controlled over the last season to break the star 89 million pounds.

Mourinho has been on the states for Belgium and Iceland in the League of Nations and aims to "watch" Axel Witsel.

In the Pogba mental context there is now no M, Mourinho looks rapidly and Witsel is the most reasonable target for a reasonable price. Previously, Dortmund only took £ 18m to sign up for the Beijing reul from Tianjin Quanjian.

Pogba on Juventus Ronaldo, MU - Tha Mourinho has placed on SAO Belgium - 2

Witsel has rejected me

In the end, Witsel was one of the leading European players, and is praised for United and wants to play in the Premier League. However, the Belgian player to play "very supportive" at Old Trafford has not moved to China in 2017.

At the moment, MU Witsel's limited opportunities are in the East market because Dortmund is now in a stable play and competes with Bayern Munich. However, the Reds may hold Paul Pogba for their & # 39; rest of the season for competing for the best four before returning to Witsel's visit to the 2019 summer move window.

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