Pointe-Claire's historic Pioneer Bar was flooded by a broken water pipe


The 117-year-old Pioneer Bar, in Point-Claire, flooded with Sunday pipe water.

Ian Ritchie, leader of activities for the Montreal fire department, told the CBC that water was pouring water out of the underground windows at about 8 p.m. and informed authorities.

A double-inch pipe above the level inside the bar was broken and a & # 39; followed by floods in the lower lower, which reached a depth of seven to eight feet – almost to the top of the mountain, he said.

Firefighters had problems with their discharge from the water as the valves that had been discharged; going to break the building.

It is unclear what Monday is, how big & # 39; and the flood was made.

According to Save Le Pionnier's Facebook page, fear was going off all the Sabbath. Water authorities got out of that night, reporting on the page.

It is hoped that the Gran-Clare Township will create a crew to repair it later this day. The bar was closed to the public since this summer.

It was on the market for 10 years before being purchased by a developer who hoped to build up four businesses and 15 condos on; lottery. The building was demolished at the building over the summer.

Citizens and heritage organizations opposed their plan, saying that the building has a historic value and its location; contributing to Pointe-Claire Village.

In early October, the council rejected the developer's recommendation, but the lawsuit has dropped well until March. The developer is so far to submit another suggestion. If it is appropriate to its home requirements, it can be accepted.

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