Pokémon GO: information tells Smeargle to come to the Niantic video Twitter | Second generation New Year of Moon | Valentine's Day Charts


The Pokémon photographer would be closer to accessing the Niantic app, because his & # 39; The company has shown the first signs that show when they arrive Smeargle to Pokémon GO so the pokédex coaches can finish the second generation.

Smeargle One of the creatures broadcast by hours of hours before the PVP was released in the app Niantic, which created many of the campaigns among the users; Despite that, her pokemon monster had little experience for a few hours.

As we know, the coaches are celebrating Year & # 39; New na Lòin for spreading a scattered divide, used by the creator of Pokémon GO to increase the magnificent images of the event with green spaces, used Smeargle to be painted.

Smeargle routes

Smeagle routes

The images are divided Niantic has created a series of questions among Pokémon GO fans, since then Smeargle he has only one attack called a Scheme, which allows him to defend all the attacks against the opposition of his opponent. In addition, it is also alleged that it may come through the Valentine Day event.

This is because, during Valentine's Day, the pink creatures appear in the world, the color that uses Smeargle glossy for painting. For the minute Niantic It has not provided information on coming to this Pokémon GO, because it is not known whether it's a special search of Spiritomb.


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