"Pokemon Go" is updating community coverage. Do you own "Tutu"? | 4Gamers


Publish "Pokemon Go" covered coverings of social pages that include Facebook and Twitter earlier. From the images, there are many green images. A & # 39; Most users who think it's like is not in the Pokemon Go game. The "Tutu Dog" appeared on the scene.

"Tutu" is the second generation of its home finances, number 235, and & # 39; using the ritual convicted from the front face of the tail for painting, and colors look like the mood changes, and the picture just shows that her tail is right . The dark green color, which is aligned with the pattern of the cover image.

If there is an accident, it's likely that Pokemon will happen on "Tutu Dog" activities. Whether in a large number of field research activities or activities is still unidentified, and try to try!

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