Pokemon GO PvP: Understanding the importance of & # 39; What is the type of type cover


PvP is in a Pokemon GO, as Niantic said, "Around the corner", which means we should have a & # 39; Holding hands in some days. By including a second cost attack, converting the meta for PvP battles, and in particular the side of a type broadcast.

I think we all know how important it is; What is the type of broadcasting, but that is Some Pokemon fall Out there that is finally getting a chance to & # 39; Look at the different variety of print and move. So, looking at the startup of different types of type cover, look back to some of the "sleeper" Pokemon and see why they have the opportunity to watch.

Type Printing Program

As an update, this is the list that covers all types for efficiency (with the permission of pokemondb.net)!

Examples of good type cover

There are several pockets that have been blessed by moving movements that they allow to appear in a PvP. These Pokémon are a good example of the importance of broadcasting a type.

For the time, I will not cover them all, but just showcase the best places as a type broadcasting works and how we should think about itSouth Westerly Please do some of your own search GO Hub database to find out what Pokemon will be successful for any League.

So I'm going to & # 39; List 2 Pokémon with a special category broadcast for each League, which begins with Master, Ultra and then. In terms of choosing what those who are in; going with them, I went out with all the perfect CP levels that went inside the League's borders.

This is not the "best" Pokémon to go with them – that's just a strong Pokemon type. Keep that in mind. Further information will be discussed under each Pokemon. Let's do this!

Big League

Pokemon Quick Moves Exchange # 1 Mention of # 2 shift
  • Razor Leaf Grass
  • Care General
Knot Feur Grass Ancient Power Creag
  • Get In Touch Dark
  • Zen Headbutt Psychology
Rough Play Fairy Wild Care Water

Bayleef – – The stats for Bayleef Grass they are very hard for the Big League. Le a 122 ATK, The 155 DEF and a 155 bP bad at all However, in broadcasting, however, is INSANE! Looking at her & # 39; card, Bayleef is weak to Fire, TheYesterday, ThePoison, TheFlying and BugIn the south of ACH, powerful power power is very effective Fire, TheCreag, TheBug and FlyingSouth West There are 4 types that deal with Bayleef's very effective destruction. What kind of great guys are there for a fascinating benefit! As long as choosing a quick move, it is completely up to the trainer. Razor Leaf is a cover Water types and Tackle causes neutral damage to all types except Ghost, The Creag and SteelSouth Westerly

Delcatty – – Sign in with ATK de 132, The DEF de 127 and HP de 172, Delcatty General an interesting choice! The number is anything that makes Delcatty unique that it is; writing. To be no General type, it's just weak FightingAfter this, it is easy to strive to be at # 39; using Play Rough FairySouth-West It is a powerful move and it looks like the same cover it needs. It is an appropriate move in wild care and that is why I think it's desirable to be 2nd cutting choice move. Zen Headbutt is also a quick move to cover Fighting kind of weakness as well. Just a little bit heavier here, but General types Finally, they have a role in Pokemon GO.

Ultra League

Pokemon Quick Moves Exchange # 1 Mention of # 2 shift
  • Bubble Water
  • Mud Shot Site
Pump Hydro Water Blizzard Yesterday
  • Bug Bite Bug
  • The Strip Bug Bug
Earthquake Site Slam heavy Steel

Politoed – –This Pokemon gets a chance to & # 39; look! Along with good stats for Ultra League (174 ATK, The 179 DEF and 207 HP) and a good movement of movement, Politoed Water It is a kind of night broadcasting. Mud Shot is now responsible for having a & # 39; use her Water weakness. Then, Blizzard will give it a whole new phase. Not only is Blizzard a cover Grass types, but it also cares for Dragon sorts as bonus as well. He was very pleased to try to & # 39; Pokemon out!

Results – – Because it's a & # 39; writing, Forretress BugSteel Yes ONLY weak to Fire with 196%. Surely, that's really frightening. But can he face that case? Of course! That's why I have chosen an Earthquake to be FIRST transfer costs over STAB Heavy Slam movement. Not only that, Forretress also has some strong stats (161 ATK, The 205 DEF and 181 HP). Is not it an interesting Pokemon?

Premier League

Pokemon Quick Moves Exchange # 1 Mention of # 2 shift
  • Bite Dark
  • Razor Leaf Grass
Stone Edge Creag Solar Beam Grass
  • Mud Shot Site
  • Dragon Tail Dragon
Solar Beam Site Fire Blast Fire

Cake – – My honesty, this surprisingly came out! As a Pokemon, Cake GrassSite is well circulated in statistics. Sign in with 202 ATK, The 188 DEF and a HP de 216, it's built as a tank! Where it is clear even though it is within broadcasting of that type. Torterra is weak to the following types: Bug, The Fire, The Flying and YesterdayIn the end Of course, Stone Edge covers all these weaknesses! I have taken it completely and it's a good example of the importance of broadcasting a type.

Groudon – – Formerly a Pokémon theme is extremely powerful (270 ATK, The 228 DEF and 205 HP), Groudon Site Move the responsibility to cover all weaknesses! One Grass no Yesterday Types of Fire Blast can be dealt with and any Water Solar Beam's anger types can feel. Groudon is a Pokémon very useful. Make sure you test out a few times when PvP falls!


The most important part of the PvP may have been broadcasting. It may be possible to give the opponent a further 20% of additional damage through very effective moves that means all the differences between a & # 39; win and lose. Certainly, STAB and very effective damage would be best placed. But that's happening more likely than you could think. So, we will definitely focus on the most effective and most effective devastation of the most. customization. The Pokemon listed below may not be the best options, but they are hard choices, however. I think they are really a n; Such a very important exhibition is a type broadcast. If you want to hear me talk about a type broadcast, you can click hereSouth-West Many of the Pokemon we would be as trainers think they would not; always use to access & # 39; look!

Ignore: he is IS Your opponent may be able to accept a Pokemon; deal with the very bad damage that your face is, which is different to writing.

For example: Lugia FlyingPsychology using Hydro Pump Water the front of Groudon SiteSouth West Solar Grass Do not cover your weakness against Lugia. In fact, there would be a bad move in general in this situation. Just another thing to add to the random list that may occur in PvP. You never know what the laird you smile. So keep this in mind forever!

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