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13. PENSION. When and to whom are thirteen? The payment time, amount on hand, thirteenth year and more [27.03.2019 r.]

Who is the retired 13?

13 pensioners are going to get all the pensions – especially – on 26 March after the government's Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

"Thirteen" for pensioners, or benefit from the program Let them out by workingto be paid in May 2019.

13 million pensioners will get an old age pension.

His career as a working retirement is a one-off cash bonus for pensioners with a minimum pension amount, or a 1,014 PLN too large. Importantly, the money is paid "ex officio", not by application.

Elżbieta's minister Rafalska told me that the benefits will be available for:

  • pensioners from the general insurance system, t
  • retired pensioners and farmers, t
  • people who get bridge pensions, teachers 'benefits benefits, pre-retirement benefits, pre-retirement benefits, social pensions, survivors' pensions and invalid pensions and life expectancy pensions.

13 pensions available – what will it give?

Of this "one particular improvement on the minimum pension amount of PLN 1,100, and net – PLN 888.25 for hand, a large group of eligible pensioners will benefit, whatever benefits they receive and who also receive this benefit for them t receive small pensions.

Allowed Let them out by working there will be 9 million 800,000 people.

There are 13 pensions available lower than the traditional ZUS (PLN 1,100 gross, or PLN 934.60) pension.

This is as a result of a settlement that reduces income tax. In case 13 of pension tax, therefore a higher amount to be paid.

13 retirement. How much will it cost us?

PLN 10.8 billion implementation is pay 13 pensions – says Elżbieta Rafalska.

The Minister for Family, Labor and Social Services has ensured that the benefits are paid through a vacancy without the need to submit further applications.

Payment dates for retirement

Other benefits paid benefits will also be the same as the monthly payments to pensioners, and the money may well be reaching some people already at the end of April.

– Because we have a holiday on 1st May, some of these people could have gained this benefit in the last days of April. But these benefits will also be paid at the beginning of June. This applies, for example, to benefits and pre-retirement benefits, as they will then be paid, if they are paid quarterly, then in early July – they will explain the Minister for Family Policy. , Labor and Social Elżbieta Rafalska.

On 26 March the government undertook a project to pay single-time benefits. Now the law will be passed to Sejm, the Senate and then to the President.

We were truly forgiven

  • All pensions will receive additional support as they are paid.
  • The minimum pension rate of 13 pensions will be the lowest pensionable PLN 1,100.
  • Payments of 13 pensions will be awarded from May 2019.

At the moment, it is certain that a further pension for thirteen-year olds will be treated as pensions in a particular election year. But what about next year? We will do it this year, and we will do everything also in the next one and next – Jarosław Kaczyński said during the Law and Justice conference.

The new five PiS

New Law and Justice election program, e.g. "five new PiS" contains "five new points"

  • 500 extra for the first child
  • tax fees for young workers – aged 26 and over t
  • • there is a pension in which it is known as the “thirteen-year” pension, ie the minimum pension in the amount of PLN 1,100 for each pension,
  • reduced operating costs,
  • PKS development and expansion of Polish bus network.


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