Agata, from the first sight, arranged a divorce / divorce party. The attention is largely drawn to the cake. It is a stick now

Agata Z ± bczyk has taken part in either the third edition of the program, or "first time". Then the experts found one for her, and she did not like it in any way. And it was Maciej Kie³bowski, and Agata had to stand on the wedding carpet. Their relationships from the start were very complex. Eventually, they decided to divorce. This was held in January, but now a decision has been made to arrange an event at this time.

"Or at first,". Agata marks a divorce

Agata gave credit for the event on Instagram. Friends from the program were evidently associated with the divorce / dissolution – Anita and Adrian, Ania Wróbel and Jacek Wojciechowski. Surely the game would be ahead of the game. We immediately returned to the cake. It was unusual and not only because it was the picture of Leonardo DiCaprio, but entirely because of the very beautiful writing he showed.

We would be saved, not DiCaprio, we read.

As you can see, Agata is still releasing Maæk. She had another needle. How do you think it will now be comparing?


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