Apple still has a huge problem with its key keyboard – users are scared of it

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Last summer the giant developed the keyboard – adding them a layer of silicone. It seemed to have stopped him getting under this “unusual structure” of dust and crabs, which is dependent on machinery problems. And while the keyboard works a little differently from previous versions, this doesn't mean that the problem has gone out of existence. A few days ago, Joanna Stern of the Wall Street Journal wrote desperately what she's dealing with a new Macbook Air. A computer that deleted the last drop – and uses the most recent part of the keyboard. The same thing as the Macbook Pro is in mid 2018. And looking at Apple's response and apology – the company in general is aware that it's not a candy. Each time, however, they say they are aware of that a small number of users with a third generation problem on the butterfly keyboard have a problem. Also, give guidance to websites that can help. With the experience I knew with Polish service technicians – I wouldn't even try here.

Solar Macbook Pro 2018 power supply

I've already mentioned a number of times in AW's pages that I was very careful about a computer related trade – just because of the problems the keyboard was experiencing. After making sure that the silicone work is surprised, a few days after Mac 's son spread, I decided to renew and … honestly, I don't regret the choice. From July I used air once, when one of the keys had now been introduced and a dual tranche of letters. I didn't see much bigger problems – and I'd like to keep it like that. I won't blame you: I won't keep every warning you may have. I carefully throw it into the back damage when it is on the desk – I sometimes don't close it for several hours. Dust, like dust, likes to nest in archeology.

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As they say, the foolish is lucky. In this story, I seem to be foolish. And to be honest – I hope he will stay with this fortune. Because I don't see another option, Apple may not be more about the butterfly keyboard – so the only option for the "non-broken" version is to find out. .. an old computer model. And this is the biggest act of highlighting, especially since the last one went … at least four years ago. I don't hide, however, that I am thinking of buying Apple Care much. As I said – not knowing the best native websites, I'd feel more confident that I can count on the help of professionals in the Apple Store at no extra cost. This day in Berlin may not be “free”, but at least I am not worried. Now that the repair program is now underway even for those models with which the warranty is delivered – I don't know if it is ever going to extend to my own species.

Do you know what is most worrying about this? That all the stories about how he is trusted is getting blown up in our eyes. Well, the first generation – there was nothing working. But a few years later they let out more computers, which users complain about some serious problems, and what they can give is just a little excuse? T I really like the brass – I hope they are surrounded by me, as it is no longer fun. It's not “computers from Biedronka”, in which you can look over several deficiencies, because the price is paid for them.

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