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Bananas bought in Biedronka and Lidl had bagpipes. The case is clarifying [4.04.2019]

It is likely that you will be surprised about the contents of a normal banana.

– We're really like bananas and I often buy them – Marta Lisowska buys them. – Recently, I have been overwhelmed by an unpleasant surprise. The girl ate a banana and stole her mouth with something. I immediately looked at the fruit and showed that it was a toothpipe from the tail side. I will report my case on the management of the resource. A few days later the same thing happened with bananas Lidl. The children were eating more carefully and immediately realized that there was something in the fruit again. I don't know if I was only unlucky. I got an excuse from both sources and found that I only found teeth teeth

We have asked that both headquarters be clarified. – We immediately started to prove the case – we read in the response from Jeronimo Martins Polska S.A. – From the decision made it is likely that we asked the user, when the user was linking with our Customer Service Office, to provide more detailed information about bananas. T was bought, including those on the stick. They allow them to make a decision from the provider and provided the batch of the produce purchased and to give further clarification on the issue. Our main priority is the quality of our products and consumer safety, which is why we are determined to fully explain this position.

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In a similar tone Lidl Polska Press Office responded: t “We want to tell you that bananas are very popular among our customers – we sell thousands of tons of this fruit a year. So far, we have only received information about this situation. We set up a link with the client and thanked her for her credit. Staff have looked at the banana party at this request – none found them in tooth bags. We are very interested to explain the issue, which is why we inspect this event – including we will review the checklist – and look for the reason ".

We still hope that this will not happen again.

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