"Director": Andruszkiewicz fountains signed? His testimonial is pronounced

It may have been near 300 signatures on the lists of supporting the Youth All-Polish in the local government elections in 2014 – learn "TVN & # 39; s Supervisor ". The procurator's office analyzes its & # 39; this case. Journalists have reached certification that Adam Andruszkiewicz, a digital deputy minister, has fees. So far, Andruszkiewicz has not been heard.

Bialystok patients investigate Adam Andruszkiewicz and verify the falsification of nearly 300 signatures in local government elections in 2014. Case files count more than 30 books.

Andruszkiewicz was then head of All-Polish Youths. He is contaminated, among others, with certification and explanation of Paweł P. – a co-worker from the group.

According to the "Director", when the inspectors expected to locate the home and the Andruszkiewicz office, the files were not deleted. Successful researchers of documents should stop property research and interview with MW director. Then Andruszkiewicz became a former minister in digital format.

In case of two there are allegations already. One of the suspects paid, Paweł P., a member of the All-Polish Youth, was guilty. He told the patients what he was thinking of fictional habits; used in which he took part when he was 18 years old.

We did not have many, and probably five or six. A scanner with scanned data was scanned on the screen. Andruszkiewicz and Wojciech N. said we should copy them to the pages – he remembered P.

After completing the lists, the hosts posted web pages and signed them. According to P., Andruszkiewicz and N. also did it. This is reinforced by the procurator's files.

The second is Wojciech N.'s fees

Deputy Minister Andruszkiewicz declined that he was breach of signatures. Surely I have not signed any names, and if there are such certificates, this is a case for the procurator's office. I learn from you and not from the procurator's office – Tell newsletters "Director."

According to the "Managing Director", those who came to the Attorney General of Białystok after the election was delaying their exams for right politicians. Andruszkiewicz is the case of Marek Czeszkiewicz, a reliable minister, co-ordinator of Mariusz Kamiński's special services, and also in private a co-worker of the current deputy minister of digitalization. Czeszkiewicz, as chief of the procurator of the Białystok area, should also be behind the case of Jacek Młuplar's case and his sermon.


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