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Doda will put her career into action. Her cancer appeared in her family

Dorota Rabczewska has recently been included by creating the new album "Dorothy". Tickets for their performances were sold out, Doda was staged, again the arts and art organizations began to request it, she had a tasty inspiring calendar. But in Doda's life something terrible has happened and fans of the singer may have to get used to the idea that they don't see the favorite thing on the nearby platform. Doda announced that she would stop the professional activity for a time. The images featured in a social media message. One of her family members was probably very ill.

– Unfortunately, I don't have good information. There has been cancer in my family. I am sorry I will be repeating the next professional steps for a further time. I want you to understand your understanding and support, "wrote Doda.

It is remembered that her mother's mother had been found out some years ago. Mrs Wanda then went into an operation. Later on trials became better and better, and the woman got back to health again.

Now, tell Doda her family was having cancer again, but she didn't tell who she was speaking. But we know that Doda is very close to his family and can bring a lot to his family. Under the message, published on Facebook, there were many comments with support from the supporters.

Doda presented her own album at the Philharmonic concert in Philharmonic

Judiciary in the case of Doda. The singer refers to it quickly

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