Donald Tusk with advice taken at the post office in Sopot. Piechociński: you see that the act is

The illustrated Donald Tusk image in Sopot's post office has attracted a lot of interest in the network. Internet users report that security guards were not in charge of the head of the European Council. But there are more ideas, including less positive.

Donald Tusk is posted in the post office recently received the network. "He sat patiently at the Sopot post office. The larger queues were over. I went over and spoke a few minutes. After a few minutes later, he went up to the window with advice and raised the parcel. His name is Donald Tusk – – he wrote the user under a Web version published on Twitter.

Comments – positive and negative – did not have to wait long. While many internet users find that Tusk, like any other citizen – has no protection – waiting for him to collect the bundle, others are waiting describe briefly: this is the act. These include Janusz Piechociński.

You can see that the situation is. I invite you to a post office in Mysiadle, there are no chairs, an average of 2 dozen people. But the newspapers change as much as you want.

wrote Janusz Piechociński

In something different, the situation was given by Roman Giertych. "Donald Tusk would probably give President Kaczyński a little training" Getting advice? "- he wrote on Twitter, reminding him of the memory t time, the chair of the PiS replied not to call for the repayment of PLN 50,000. zł.

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Earlier in the middle of November last year, the Sky News reporter published a picture of Tusk standing in a queue at a local shop in Brussels. At that time, the picture quickly captured the attention of the internet users.

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