European League: flat loss on Togz Lodz

The front of our meeting was unexpectedly for a clear leadership of 6: 0. The housekeepers went up quickly for the loss that came to the 11:11 tariff, and a minute later, from After one of the Italians played happily, they were at the front and started to. expand their benefits gradually.

Finally, the first edition of the competition ended with a massive increase in the costs of Massimo Barbolini. Football players from the northern part of Italy won 25:19 by closing their & # 39; game, thanks to Paolo Egon, who used the third set.

Favorite ones prefer the second set, which was on the # 39; The main 5: 2. The benefit was in three or four points kept up with fragments of the party thereafter up to 10:13 from the Lodzers perspective. At that time, the Poles celebrated two phases in the series and went into their competitors within one point.

However, Novara jumped away from the Błażej players Krzyształowicz and won the four actions in a series that won 17:12. Note after that, those who run out of Italy lost some of their huge benefit, but at the end they lost it. replacing the floor again, finishing the seat with a prestigious influence 25:19.

The first fragments of the third game are a good game from both sides, resulting in the result of 4: 4. However, three other eyes were included in the housewife's accounts, in particular due to good service Yamili Nizetich. Continue to win three points over the next shortcuts of the game. At 11:15, Łodzianki won two divisions, making some loss.

As in the second case, our agents can not maintain good enemies and frighten them again with the result. Shortly after, Krzyształowicz football players competed next to competitors, but lost a long time, and after that they got a point of communication and began to score 17:18.

As it was, b & # 39; It was the precise time of the third edition of the duel, because he did not; The Polish women can fight against a battle against Novara and lose 20:25, so the overall decision of 0: 3.

Igor Gorgonzola Novara – Grot Budowlani Łódź 3: 0 (25:19, 25:19, 25:20)


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