F1: Bahrain Grand Prix. The horrible situations of Daniel Ricciardo. This may also be submitted by electricity

Daniel Ricciardo was forced to resign from Bahno Grand Prix after his car stopped driver's orders just two laps before the end of the race. The 29-year-old was likely to be at risk of being removed.

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Daniel Ricciardo took off from the route and left the car quickly. The judges were attacking Australia that they were ensuring that they did not follow the procedures and took their control wheel with it. She stayed in the car. A Renault player doesn't get a penalty because he made it for security reasons.

Ricciardo had problems with the power unit, so a red warning light in the car turned out to indicate that there was a risk of electrical impact. The crew with Australia said he had to put a stop to the engine immediately and jump out of the vehicle.

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The team explained that one Ricciardo exercise that was in contact with the car could be dangerous to it, and so it was forbidden from taking the control wheel from the car. In such cases, conductors from the Antipodes are not punished.

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He doesn't change that Australia started a bad start on the season. The 29-year-old didn't finish her first Renault color races and there's no points yet. This is a very difficult start with a French event. To make matters worse, Nico Hulkenberg also had problems in Bahrain, which were broken in parallel with Ricciardo.

Renault was not yet explaining the problems of Germany. Moreover, the exact reason for Ricciardo's problems was not explained. The removal of two cars at the end of the race, however, is critical for the reliability of the French team's carriages.

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