Fireplace escape: Miłosz S. did not want to give up the arrest

At the client's special request, we have not lodged a complaint against maintaining the court's decision for another three months – PAP lawyer Wiesław Brelinski, one of Milosz S.'s candidates, organizer. a terrible room that killed five 15-year-old girls, he said on Saturday.

It is suspected that Miłosz S., 28, will create a serious fire risk in the escape room somewhat and cause that five 15-year-old girls who died on fire on 4 January died. It is due to be up to eight years in prison.

The Miłosz S. was held on 5 January, he heard expenses on 6 January, the next day with a decision by the District Court in Koszalin for three months. On 3 April, Koszalin's District Court granted the prosecution's claim and decided to keep them out for another three months against Miłosz S. He shared the accused's argument about bothering miscarriages. behavior. Defenders had seven days to register a complaint against this decision.

“We have not registered a complaint against the court's decision on a client's particular request, this is a very difficult situation and he is still determined to do so, he is not. depends on whether or not to agree. that comes to him that it's better than mind "- Breliński said to PAP.

He added "we (the defender – PAP) believe that there is no building to care for, except those in the psyche."

On 3 April, Breliński after leaving the seat secretly gave the accused's officer license to carry on holding Miłosz S., press journalists. in that case “the position of the case indicates that the formula for taking this strict step is in respect of our client. "Breliński and the second defender Wojciech Janus said that they would have made a complaint about this decision to the Szczecin Appeal Court." T

Then let the candidates know that their client is "still in despair, he is in constant care of mind, the priest."

According to the prosecution's office, Miłosz S., 28, who lived in Poznań, organized a run and run a tension room in Koszalin, although his business was recorded for his grandmother. It dealt professionally with rooms of such riddles.

Radosław D., who is 25 years old, was a worker in a burning room burnt in a fire that heard it as a witness while he was there t hospital in Gryfice on January 6, confirming that the hiring of Miłosz S. was his employment, and his duties and responsibilities. there are rooms puzzles in this thing. In December 2018 he started work.

On 14 February, with a partner worker in a fire room, a local perspective was created at the place of the disaster. Firefighters who took part in rescue and fire fighting, parents of deceased daughters, took their legal representatives and defense to the suspect.

Investigators are still waiting for the fire service commission idea. The accused's office is also looking at witnesses who used, within February 2018 to January 4, 2019, the tension room "To Nie Pokój" and they know the individual games, room equipment, tasks that are responsible for connecting with customers and their customers. service in the provision of services. They also count on communicating with people who have recordings of games or pictures.

For a sad fire in the fleece room "To Nie Pokój" in Koszalin, Ul. Piłsudskiego 88 met on 4 January at 17. Five 15-year-old girls were killed, aged one, third in Junior Secondary school. 18. According to the prosecution's statements, the purpose of the gas fire was to escape from gas cylinder (cylinders set up the fuel in the building). The fire would stop the 25-year-old until they reached the teenager. The man was burned, he didn't open the door for the girls. They can only do this after the last puzzle is sorted out. There were no escape routes in the building. The girls were poisoned by carbon monoxide. A victim's funeral was held on 10 January. The girls abandoned her side by side in Koszalin town cemetery.

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