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From Friday it will be more expensive for A4

On March 1, the A4 tax passenger manager between Katowice and Krakow carries high taxes for vehicles with more than two general essays (with single wheels). The last trip was introduced there two years ago.

The company that is the director of this section, A4, Stalexport Autostrada Małopolska (SAM), says that, despite the change in rates, users can use an A4Go electronic system and cards Near the A4 move the railway for two years after each other according to the current price list – based on impulses purchased to the end of the terminal; February.

Rafał Czechowski, a speaker for the Stalexport of the Małopolska Highway, which is mentioned in the information, argues that the change in the tax sum "is related to inventions designed for the future, including works that have not been prepared in the unified agreement ".

In 2019, we want to continue on work related to the upgrading of the road infrastructure infrastructure, including new, even fairer payment methods – Search:

The list that its company is & # 39; Given that the fees for the A4 Katowice-Krakow route are from 1 March this year. Each of the taxpayers: PLN 5 for motorcycle and PLN 10 for two-faced motor cars. These levels will not change.

However, the taxes will increase for larger vehicles. PLN 20 is paid by two-faceted vehicle drivers at all picet places, with at least two wheels and at least two cars with boilers, as well as three-way carriages and two eels, with Allows at least with references (so far they have a 18 PLN fee).

After 35 zlotys they will be required to pay vehicle drivers with more than three, three-winged rats, with more than three acrylic ails, as well as large vehicles. So far, they paid PLN 30 in Brzęczkowice and Balice.

Before the new price list was introduced, in December last year, Stalexport Autostrada Małopolska was implemented to the General Director of National Roads and Road Roads in this case. He stated that he had no powers to influence decisions related to changes in rates, if they were within the range provided in the fuel contract (the contract was completed for 30 years in 1997 secret – PAP).

GDDKiA was sure to ask her to review her & # 39; just after receiving the request from the developer. In the opinion of GDDKiA, the increase in tax levels is not inappropriate and has a direct impact on drivers and road transport – said Tomasz Żuchowski.

Finally, GDDKiA, without any legal and legal land for the refusal of the application, had refused the road manager to increase the tax for the tax line due to the fuel contract.

Last year, on average, almost 45.3 miles went across the oral division of the Katowice-Kraków A4 road bridge every day. or from the information from the departmental manager. In 2017, an average of 43.1 thousand shares traveled average over a 24 hour time. cars.

As stated by Stalexport Autostrady (which includes Stalexport Autostrada Małopolska) in the exchange statement from 14 February, along with the increase in traffic, growth of income from road manager tax collection. In total, they reached a PLN 332.4 million in 2018, compared to the PLN 314.8 million for 2017, ie they were higher by 5.6%.

After nine months of 2018, Stalexport Autostrady told that he had taken a profit around a 146 million PLN at that time. Throughout 2018, he paid a total 71.7 million PLN in departments.

In November last year, the Staxtport Autostrady group said that the most important investments made in the nine months of 2018 on A4 were: renovation of roof drainage, restoring the bridging structure in & # 39; share. Małopolska and reserved works related to the installation of the surface of the road road carriageway and road connection; Town (total approximately 60km).

The US and VIA4 (an operator of this section) are companies from the Stalexport Autostrady group. The Atlanti group is the most important strategic leader – including a tax driver network operator – especially in Italy, as well as Brazil, Chile, India and its # 39; Poland.

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