German Cup: Bayer Leverkusen and FC Nuernberg on the board

Bayer Leverkusen lost 1-2 (1-0) against FC Heidenheim and FC Nuernberg on competitions with Hamburger SV in the Cup Cup 1/8 Cup final of Germany. There were no teams from the German Premier League to meet the 2nd Bundesliga opponents.

It's probably Bayer Leverkusen to reach the final quarter, but FC Heidenheim had no easy cross on Tuesday. The geographers took the pre-breaking instructions. In 44 minutes, Julian Brandt used the excellent route and put the score forward with a flat picture. After the changes on the sides, they quickly moved to the guests, Nikola Dovedan, quite a long way to the rectangular wall, he affected two companions in the room; their penalty box and put the ball into the goal.

The guests went after the guy and in 72 minutes, Maurice Multhaup completed his finish; wall into the game disappeared after Arne Feick was killed. At Voith-Arena, there was a big sense, the sixth team of the 2nd Bundesliga was a competing match that had just hit Bayern Munich 3-1. Bayer was attacked, but very ill-patient, and the laird could take the instructions at least twice. However, the visit was not lost and they were hitting their favorite 2-1, and # 39; recorded in the fourth quarter.

Another team from the German league, FC Nuernberg, was also behind the German Cup, all thanks to another team from the second division, SV Hamburger. After unlikely appearance and an aim of Berkay Ozcana, who used to protect the guests in his / her. 54 minutes in the game, Nuernberg returned from the Volksparkstadion on the wing.

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