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He is dead on Jan Dydak, who won a bronze medal from Seoul

Dydak was born on 14 June 1968 in Czeladź. In his job he was representing the colors of GKS Jastrzębie and Czarnych Słupsk. They trained him, among others the famous Czesław Caputa and Czesław Ptak. He was the most successful operation he had made at the Olympic Games in 1988 in Seoul.

First success

Even as a young teenager, Dydak was very good. When he was 19 he got his first big attempt – he won the gold medal in the Polish gold medal. Later, he won twice the home garden – in 1990 and 1991. In Czarne Słupsk colors he won gold in the Polish team competitions (1990). Twice also won the prestigious competition after Stamma Feliks (1989 and 1990).

Bottom: Teodor Walczak / CAF / PAP Jan Dydak (left) in the fighting with Dariusz Wasiak – 1990

Olympic equipment

A year after the victory in the Polish competition Dydak took part in the Seoul Olympics. In the second round (first time it was free.) He managed to defeat Jose Garcia on the points (4: 1), and in the third place he dealt with Costa Rican Humberto Aranda in the same way. Quarterly, again on points, he won against Nigerian Adewale Adegbusi.

In the semi-final his opposition was right in Kenya. Robert Wangila, a later professional (22-5), won in Seoul all previous attacks before. Eventually Dydak didn't go out into a duel. He didn't kill me. He realized he would not be able to win with one hand. A month before the Olympics competition it was wounded out, but he didn't tell a man about it because he feared he wouldn't go to the Olympics. Despite everything, he has achieved an excellent result, halting the struggle with bronze.

Another big achievement which won the bronze medal at the European Championships in Gothenburg (1991).

Good technician

Dydak was a great technology expert. The bites were particularly impressive. He was also renowned for his excellent work. He represented Poland eight times in interstellated games (5-3 balance). His official balance is 159 medals, 2 draw, 10 feet.

He finished his job quickly because in 1991 it was the main reason for the series of injuries. In 2005 he ran the black boxing sector.

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