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Spring season season begins to start; going slowly. The most popular television stations will host news conferences where they are; presentation of their partners. Polsat has recently invited star journalists to re-edit the program "Your business is becoming familiar". This year, it will appear, among others, El¿bieta Romanowska. His actress appeared on her & her; wall is very heavy.

El'bieta Romanowska shone her brooches

Polsat star on bare green, where he showed a corset surrounded by lines. However, the attention of journalist photographers and journalists from the majority of actresses, jumped near Apple.

Elňbie Romanowska, step away from the slip – SEE PHOTOS >>>>

"Imagine your family." Who appears in the 11th edition?

We already know the full list of partners. On the screens, we see: Elżbieta Romanowska, which is certainly the biggest star of this edition, Igê Krefft, renowned for his role as Ula in "M jak Mi³oÊæ", Antek Smykiewicz, Stanis³aw Karpiel- Bu³ecka, and Marta Wiejak from the Roma House, the dramatist Katarzyna D ± browska and Kazimierz Mazur, who have been influencing Kamil in the Napoleon series for years. Kamil Pawelski, also known as Exclusive Menel, also suggested to be a " appearing on a platform


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