Huawei P20 Pro for PLN 1584? Orange broke bank with her & # 39; this price

The orange operator earlier announced this year 50% for the purchase of selected phones, including the Huawei P20 Pro Dual SIM. At first I will not believe, then I thought honestly, finally … I bought myself. This progress can not go wrong.

You can not hide, all of us as advances. We do not include it, but as the Black Friday comes, the new year's sales or discounts in the Scytii store, we are doing it. begin to look through offers to & # 39; pricing and good opportunities. One of those modules I was in; Looking for a long time, mostly due to the photo images, the Huawei P20 Pro version. The lowest prices are on market, and # 39; including shops such as "European distribution products, potentially sustained problems", modifying PLN 2,399. In the meantime, Orange fell to his bank.

The increase announced at the beginning of the year comprises three modules:

  • Huawei P20 Pro SIM Pro at PLN 66 x 24 installments PLN 1584; for comparison, unanswered price: PLN 2600,
  • Samsung Galaxy A9: PLN 51 x 24 installments PLN 1224, unpublished price: PLN 2400,
  • Samsung Galaxy A6: PLN 26 x 24 installments PLN 624, unpublished price: PLN 940.

Total prices are all at all, excluding a share, excluding other taxes, as well as we will, 2 weeks subscription free of charge, which reduces the cost of buying.

You'll ask, what; in catch, because nothing is free? Well Advertising prices are only available in Orange Love packages, ie covering at least two different services, for example mobile + mobile or fiber optic subscription, as well as digital television, mobile phone. It is also clear that their promotions are not applicable to Orange customers but unfortunately it is not possible to buy messages without subscription, for example in online sources.

Who can take advantage of them? Both private and business users (here will not get the Huaweia P20 Pro price but we PLN 1272 – 24 installments for PLN 53 – if we are vatowcami), the Love packs are also available for companies. Reimbursement rates can refer to new customers as well as those who are existing, expanding or rewriting the contracts; already. Huawei P20 Pro for PLN 1584? The dog's bank placed on the # 39; bank with new price

Information found in Orange shows that the progress is being made to & # 39; last until stock comes. The activity, however, is so fond that these "stocks" have already been re-established. In any case, if you're going to be Orange's clients, my thinking is this in my opinion really worth considering. At this price, you will not get the Huawei P20 Pro anywhere on its & # 39; market, and is still a tallest model, with a large OLED display, 6GB RAM, a large camera and Android 9.0 Piece aboard. The only essential thing is the detail: aggressive cuttings, audio broadcasting and better information because the ones are wholly unexpired.

Also, a good price was recommended for Samsung Galaxy A9. For 50% of the price of the store, we will get a very good middle of the high shelf with 6 GB RAM and four lenses. Are you interested?

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