It was said to be a translator in a Play Google app and steal banking data

According to the ESET antivirus software expert, the malicious Trojan was hidden in the Word Translator application for translation texts.

Each Trojan

The virus was detected by ESET as Trojan.Android/Spy.Banker.AKT detected whether an application for mobile mobile phones included in the bank. By using non-visible add-ons to the user, he copied a data to log into the bank account.

The word interpreter request was downloaded from the Google Play shop over 10,000 times, mostly in the Czech Republic and Poland. Even 4,000 poles may have been suffered by attending.

The entire system was used in such a way when logged in to your bank account, the unexpected window request revealed, its login log and the password of the person practice. Android / Spy.Banker.AKT also sent SMS messaging to one-time codes that had been posted; Internet business verification, and allowing the government government to transfer money to any bank account without the user's knowledge

– said one of ESET auditors.

The Translation of the Word Translator was for translation and translation; steal stolen bank dataThe Translation of the Word Translator was for translation and translation; steal stolen bank data ESET

Another case

This is not the first application of this type. Last year, an application was made that worked in one way. Qrecorder, which was used to record vocabulary, was hit by Chinese and Polish clients; Most by data robbery to enter a bank account. LETAS Stefanko from ESET believes that Qrecorder has stolen as much as 78 miles. iour.

The easy thing is that the two requests – Word Translator and Qrecorder – are already removed from the Google Play store. Unfortunately, we can expect other applications to steal consumers' data to appear quickly in their area.

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