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Iwona Pavlović, the jury "Dancing with the Stars": I have a hot heart

She is happy because she fits with hard work. She is of no use, with power or confidence. Iwona Pavlović says that this is because of a loving home.

Iwona Pavlović on the series of "Dancing with the Stars"

Iwona Pavlović that will be in the program "Dancing with the Stars. Dancing with the Stars" there is no usual way, because every edition is completely different.

The Black Mamba pseudonym is not good enough. Don't you appear?

– Do I know? And I like it. Over and above that, I regularly introduce myself! It seems that this Black Mambą was created by the lively setting of Beata Tyszkiewicz, emphasizing this strange character and feeling of heartlessness for participants "Dancing with the Stars" ". And I'm right.

What do you think the Justyna Żyła supporters are thinking about, you are criticizing here.

– That's not just dancing. The jurors are not "drinking from the spoons" and welcoming everyone around. One of them must ask experts why the public will always be a wall behind the "attack". And if you say the partner is doing something wrong, the right is called a grain. I don't care though.

Show ballroom dancing?

– Very well. Once, young people came to gather weddings to prepare the first dance. Today they fall with their parents, grandfather and brothers. Everyone wants to fall well on the dance floor. And also at a birthday party, party party or holiday dances. Dance has become fashionable.

Don't you go regularly, appear out from the start?

– Rineine? There is no such thing as there. Maybe the same people would still be in the program, but here everyone is different. Well, we have an element of competition. We, the jurors also look forward to the results. The audience decide on the bonus, so we will be amazed. This is my daring journey. I live with it and I still feel that there are butterflies on my stomach when I come into the recording studio. Every edit wakes me up of my happiness and surprises.

What are you doing between them?

– Oh, what don't I do? Believe me, I have no day! I think or run dance trips, I train my couples, I run events. And I drive from one to another. Friends laugh that I am impossible.

Where can you get plenty of strength?

I grew up in a dear home and I have to pay away. I was the youngest one. When I was born, lately my father said to my brothers: – Remember that this is the princess. Her hair cannot go off her head! They remember these words to this day and watch, look, look after me, as two brave knights. The third one is also, my companion, Wojtek.

Are you working to?

– Yes, as a volunteer at the center – "Senior – WIGOR" at Olszyna, I teach dancing. This is a method of healing, it gives you the way to remember your movements, to improve the body, and to move on. Dressed up in dance, women forget about pain, they work continuously! Stripping turns in his eyes when I see what he gives benefits and pleasure.

So is the heart of Black Mamba?

– Maximum amount! And it is hot.

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