Jose Mourinho fell again. Comic slip on hockey game [WIDEO]

Jose Mourinho disaster
Author: EastNews
Leave Jose Mourinho at his hockey game

Not only does Jose Mourinho go out in football recently. The man was dismissed from Manchester United after a disastrous series of the team. "The Special One" refused to work in one of the Portuguese clubs, and has recently revealed the event completely unrelated to football – this time at the hockey game. And he never remembered this time …

Mourinho appeared on the game and had to open it alphabetically. It did not appear on its & # 39; glass, as well as throwing the disk the problem. This is a & # 39; case … to leave the ice rink. The Portuguese fell and fell on the ice. Record the fans of the whole event, and the situation was praised with laughter and beauty.

This is not the first fall of Jose Mourinho recently. The Portuguese have recently completed a tremendous collaboration with Manchester United. His team was losing everything; He could, and finally, Old Trafford decided to thank him. He took over his position with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and began to achieve excellent results.

Another proof of the fatal work of The Special One is completely changed by Paula Pogba. Under Mourinho's leadership, the French was very weak and was removed from the line. The player again played the Juventus player in the form of life and shoes and help as if he had been employed!

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