Kim Kardashian is happy to be a mother again: "Parents of four children are the most interesting"

Kim Kardashian is happy to be his mother again:

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Despite much distress and truth about need, they have been creating a happy family for a number of years. Three children are already waiting – including one born by an agent. Kardashianka gave her sure she wanted her birth Chicago, but another may be a danger to life.

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Fortunately, the millions of identities do not need to give their dreams to extend the family, because she can return her pay again. A few weeks ago in the program Andy Cohen Kim said so Another child is on his way.

Tor a boyI think this information has already entered the world. You know, I got the Christmas drink and I was talking. I do not even remember who, because & # 39; I was so drunk – she said.

The fourth child will come into the world in May and will be born by the only woman who is a biological mother in Chicago.

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In the latest interview at The Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon Kim talked about the fears of four children. She found that she was a bit scared because her home was already full of children.

I was a little stressed, but I heard that parents of the four children of the same parent were so bright and calm – The argument.

Fortunately, Kim does not let every trouble take care of four people. He has everything Carer staff cautiously.

Do you think after & # 39; fourth child does it decide for another?

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