Królikowski received a brooch from his mother: "He doesn't understand why the boy is associated with high-school secondary graduates".

Fhuair Królikowski stamped from my mother:

It is difficult to count how many times we have restated the list of unsuccessful relationships Antek Królikowski. Well, we post it again …
30 year old of a pair of celebrities Paweł Królikowski and Małgorzata Ostrowska Królikowskaso far he has been near the wedding.

Five years ago, he almost married Laura Breszkabut instead of marrying However, the divorce came to an end. Maybe he would be a bonus; better to discuss how it was not long connected to other friendships. A few months later, it was great for festivals with exciting models of the fourth edition. T Main Model. Ben Samuela. Eventually, he found out that he had more than that. she wished to put herself forward in a show business.

Immediately after departure, in March 2015 he started meeting Joanna Jarmołowicz. Their love lasted exactly two months, because at May he fell in love with Antoni Maciek Musiał, daughter of Katarzyna Sawczuk.

This time he was sure he had his love in his life. Despite that age, Sawczuk, who was just 19 years of age, is old. he started designing a wedding. It was even finished with parties. In interviews he ensured that Katarzyna was very fond of his life and that he was waiting for her for many years.

Unfortunately, Sawczuk she did not tell him how keen he was to the wedding. She decided that it was too early for such decisions. She was full of packets and sent out at Antek. Królikowski was then sure but they all separated and nobody betrayed anyone. Kasia z did not have it Macmillan's daughterthose with him Nicodemus Rozbicki.

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Even if something was happening between himself and Tamara, on the set agentAfter he returned from Africa and split with Sawczuk, Królikowski joined Poland Poland. Magdalena Bieńkowskabut the friendship lasted only two months, for Antek he fell in love with Julia Wieniawa, who is 9 years old.

As you knowThis love also shot at the side of Julia anyway. Antek added up, starting a new link Baron from Afromental, about Królikowski, is less powerful.

And as there was still not much unpleasantness, t it was badly worn by my mother.

Ms Margaret he doesn't understand why Antek is associated with secondary school graduates provide the information Fact. It decided to do this these girls have one-end and they are not ready for old friendships. She asked him why he couldn't get a daughter in his contemporaries? He would then have the opportunity to build a lasting relationship and to create a family. But Antek made it up with a joke.

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