M jak miłość, program 1423: Anka's daughter Budzyński! Magda gets out the truth

M jak miłość, program 1418, Magda (Anna Mucha), Andrzej Budzyński (Krystian Wieczorek)
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M jak miłość, program 1418, Magda (Anna Mucha), Andrzej Budzyński (Krystian Wieczorek)

When "M jak miłość" Magda (Anna Mucha) learn about Romans Budzyński (Krystian Wieczorek) and Anki (Weronika Rosati)? She was a lover in the 14 "M jak miłość" program and again she will try to get a lawyer in a sick game. The child will use it, as Anka and Andrzej are parents! His response causes bad suspicion in Magda …

14 Recommendation "M jak miłość" – Monday, 25/02/2019 at 20.55 on TVP2

Budzyński's life was not easy in previous sections of "M jak miłość". Anka, a friend of Magda from the old days, returned to the show, and at the same time she loved her lover. who still did not accept the & # 39; their bankruptcy.

The young man suddenly found suddenly that his friend did not think about his sweetheart and the secretary of the lawyer. Andrzej wanted to tell Magda the truth, but she did not want to listen to it. Soon he will regret it!

In 1423, "M jak miłość" le Kinga (Katarzyna Cichopek) will surprise praising friends. As we have already written, after the couple were born, he asks that Anka and Budzyński become two parents. Now it's time to keep events going!

A lawyer will not be very happy and will stop a thief. According to reports World Series it will prevent her from pulling it into sick systems. He knows that Anka is still considering him and does not expect him to be together again – although it is clear that Magda is only counting for Andrzej.

He did not let her look. In 1423, the program "M jak miłość", my lover will begin to investigate the subject of the relationship that she has; continues to grow.

– What does it happen between yourself? Is she trying to get you up?
– I'm not just happy with her. She is not honest with you – the lawyer will respond well. Magda said she did not want to find out about her beloved, but she did not understand it …

Budzyński does not tell her yet, but in the upcoming "M jak milosc" programs she'll find out what's related to Anka at least. What's in a reply? How long is this kind of endeavor?

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