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MB Dance Night "Last Dance": Martin Bakole beat Mariusz Wach ahead of the time

In the list of serious competitors, Martin Bakole was better. During the night of MB night, a representative from the Congo Democratic Republic influenced the technical attack in the eighth round of Mariusz Wach.

Mateusz Hencel

Mateusz Hencel

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Mariusz Wach and Martin Bakole's rivalry at the "last dance" gala was the real spectator, the boxes totaling 4 meters to the ring in Spodek in Katowice weighing nearly 240 kilograms t The level of empty vacancy is the Polish international champion.

In an interview with WP SportoweFakty, confess to Wiking that it is getting better to box with competitors of similar dimensions. – It is easier for me to fight two-meter-long competitors in the weight of 120 kg. We're like the size, we have explored the style of boxing and this is what you will need first. Then Bakole is very dangerous, he meets with a bat. I have to give it on his behalf, including because of a good foot job – Wach said.

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As the circle events seemed, the Polish box expected the competitor to do well with the competitor's activities. A crown from Congo's Democratic Republic began on a duel of quiet calm motion and tried to answer Wach. In the second part, the players started at first, but the side of the job was Bakole, pushing against a waterproof Wach. There were many experts before the duel asked Bakole to start with a "tall C".

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Bakole had a little advantage in distance, but still the fighting was well. Fourthly, the competitors were put in their place, but Bakole was better off. The impact of the beats stripped from the rod to the original "Viking" was usually very important. In this extract, Wach's nose erosion appeared.

In the fifth and sixth classes, Wach reached the vote, and Bakole restricted the number that beat. Before the fight, it was suggested that the Congo republic's problems in the last seasons could be very difficult, but it did not happen in the end.

Bakole and Wach were so inspired, they didn't pretend to be curious attacks and blocked their actions into a direct beat. This level of conflict was related to "Wiking", but many of those plans were not coming out. There was a feeling of eighth ration. Martin Bakole clearly affected Mariusz Wach, nearly 13 very good strokes fell on the pole and judge, Robert Gortat, decided to stop him. Thus, Martin Bakole won the Polish international warrior zone. For Mariusz Wicked this is the third loss in a row.

The afternoon struggle during Katowice is the band of Robert Parzęczewski with the ancient international champion – Dmitry Czudinow. In Spodek's main event, Damian Jonak will play for Andy Robinson.

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