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Milik wanted to take the judge carefully. Now he will pay the penalty

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The Italian Football Association Control Division dealt with a number of issues on Friday. The most important thing about the man who described the divine racism was the involvement of the Juventus Moise Keana attacker.

The Commission is currently suspended its decision at the higher level in the later days of the case. However, she also criticized young Italy for two thousand euro. This is the effect of trying to bring a penalty penalty out.

The referee immediately showed the yellow card

Milik was punished by the same punishment. The Polish player at the beginning of the second part of the game with Empoli tried to persuade eleven people to match the anticipated link with Matias Silvester from Argentinian. Judge Daniela Doveri was not blamed. After a few seconds he was already walking to an attacker with a yellow card. Sam moved seriously. He did not agree that a penalty would be imposed.

A clear statement indicated that Milik was wrong and in a general way he wanted to take the referee out.

What do you think now. It must give two thousand euro to the Italian Football Association's account.

Bottom: Getty Milik fell down, despite the struggle he didn't touch with

At the beginning of March, another Polish invader who played Serie A was dismissed as a "dive." But at that time even without a yellow card.

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