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M love relationship 1435, Magda (Anna Mucha), Kamil (Marcin Bosak)
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M love relationship 1435, Magda (Anna Mucha), Kamil (Marcin Bosak)

Magda (Anna Mucha) from M jak miłość will be struggling to survive and her death will be watched again in her eye. But before she comes to an accident and Magda gives drugs, she will meet on a secret day with Kamil (Marcin Bosak), her first love. In 1435, a program "M jak miłość" is set up by an old lover in private before Andrzej (Krystian Wieczorek) is commemorated and remembers the old times. They will come back to mind when Magda was heavy.

"MJak miłość" program 1435 – Monday, 8/04/2019 at 20.55 on TVP2

The return of Kamil to M jak miłość will be the real surprise to Magda. A young man will come back after 13 years. The date of booking in the 1435 program will give "Mjak miłość" the two things that they once felt when they were together.

But before the meeting ends, Magda confesses to Kinga (Katarzyna Cichopek) that she has done something that will make her feel uncomfortable with Budzyński. – Did you sleep with Kamil? Zduńska asks, fear.
Are you crazy ?! No! I met him with a coffee.
– Don't take it a little? There is no coffee with an old friend's friend … You will not go to hell.
– Andrzej doesn't know anything yet …
– But you can find your way to Purgatory, honey! – Kinga will laugh.

Although it is in a 1435 M jak miłość program, Magda doesn't have anything on her conscience, she will show Andrzej with her meeting for a coffee with Kamil. Despite that, he will now be "a college friend." At the sight of Kamil, Magda will come again forever … From the first minute Gryc will put that day "old-love" – fifteen years, a bit of life … And you've not changed … t
– You also don't … You are reducing as you did before, without shouting.

Lovers away in the 1435 program “M jak miłość” will take a romantic tour. – Where do you guide me? For old junk? It is £ owicka that is around the crannog. T He was in the building that was rented to students, that both of them were born. I want to take you to a window where I first kissed you …

Because of the date of Magda and Kamil in his 1435 M jak miłość account, they will not be able to forget the disaster, which is separated from one degree to another – unwanted pregnancy and childbirth. This theme will be a challenging one for both, but lost after years. Kamil is very sorry for his reaction to Magda back.

Many times I have been thinking about how it would be if I were behaving differently. Would that change anything … Our child would now have so many years or fifteen years? I am sorry, I shouldn't talk about it … t
– No, it's okay … I often think about it too – Magda will include

After this meeting Magda will return to Andrzej, but he still thinks about Kamil. That's why she won't be as full of heart money she wants every evening in the program 14 'M Like Love' looking something different. Tables include a cocaine board, which inserted Budzyński into the box with error.

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