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Nokia is aware of how Nokia 9 PureView has sold. Samsung could not learn from Huawei

The "problem" is the largest of the most recent messages (from the user's side) their prices. They reached those levels that one wants to say: thank you, you will be me. The Nokia 9 PureView price, below, is very "accessible", but the manufacturer agrees a very spectacular step to encourage as many users as possible as possible.

Nokia 9 PureView is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular scenes of the MWC 2019, although I was really surprised by the lack of a wide and known lens. a lens making television will be on the phone. main camera. Instead, the maker made two feelings of a matrix with a color matrix and three with red sensors. Everyone has a resolution of 12 Mpix and opens f / 1.8. They simultaneously represent a picture, and then the software will be displayed; link information from all the eyes and create one image from them. Such a way is to ensure that all light conditions have a very high quality.

Nokia 9 PureView debate. This is the first smartphone with a penta-camara on its & # 39; market

Nokia 9 PureView was recommended to be set in Europe at EUR 599 and USD 699 (in each case it is equivalent to ~ PLN 2600). Previous sale of the device started on selected markets immediately after the official launch of the smartphone.

In the United States, the Nokia 9 PureView will store shelves in the next October 3 March 2019. In principle, it would not be interesting to us, unless it was the maker's decision an unusual degree. Instead of throwing her & # 39; The first free buyers are in a format – for example – mobile phones or someone else, the purchase will inspire … a lower price. Nokia Nokia understands Nokia 9 PureView. Samsung and Huawei could not learn Android Smartphones from it

Nokia 9 PureView

Yes – for its first week in the US, it is possible for buyers to buy the PViewView 9 for $ 599 (equivalent to PLN 2,250), which is even $ 100 cheaper! It is a really unprecedented move to give their smart phones, especially the only banner, at the start of sale.

This step ensures that Nokia 9 PureView reaches many more people. Of course, this will be an effective strategy, but for now there is no indication that the maker decides on the other markets for the same step. In particular – as already mentioned – the selected e-mail address at # 39; price already commended.

It's hard for Samsung and Huawei to ever come to a decision for such a step, because their spots are very bad, and not everyone is content with a real estate offering with a free spaid, even though it is worth a hundred hundred zlotys.

Source: a press release by Android Police

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