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That's sure! In the spring, spectators will have the opportunity to show the show: "Big Brother" again! The first edition of the program was & # 39; Encouraging many of the feelings, and the participants were getting involved quickly in the stars! Recently, Manuela Michalak, Piotr "Gulczas" Gulczyński and the winner appeared – Janusz Dzięcioł appeared in his breakfast program to tell about life after leaving a "Big Brother" house. What have they changed? Look up!

"Big Brother": Partners in the first edition of the TV show!

The first edition of the program: "Big Brother" has given a special interest, is almost at least; turn the world around on television! A & # 39; The first project of the kind was, and its formula was kept secret until the end. It was not surprising that the "BB" was very popular with people, and soon the participants were introduced to the "Big Brother" house of reputation and recognition. Will the re-scenes be reappearing? We may be able to find out more quickly, because TVN is planning to return to this form and most recent TV shows of "Big Brother" on TV in the spring. Many people are counting enthusiastically down the days until the new version of the festival is shown, and they also show it. Ask how the event of the participants took part in the first issue of the "Big Brother". The joy of the three special family fans of the first edition: Manuel Michalak, Piotr "Gulczas" Gulczyński and the beneficiary – Janusz Dzięcioł – in the "Dzień Dobry TVN" program appeared to remember the adventures of years ago.

"B & B life event"

The leaders, among others, asked Janusz, who won a prize or 500,000 zlotys:

"I built a house, I bought a car, I gave my daughter the spouse"

– they put in the winner, who is currently up to date. The question was also asked about the advice they would like to give the partners in the upcoming series:

"Just play and use every minute. I went to the program, for tourism and I got it. It was a real life and I wish you all- his partner. "

– they introduced Manuel Michalak. The spectators got the trip to their program very warm, and in the statement of the co-operation they were show many promises:

"It's great to see you together"

"Star my babies :), you have not changed anything"

"You look beautiful! Big team!"

– we read under the image published on the Instagram image of Manuela Michalak. In your opinion, are the contributors in the first edition of "Big Brother" changed significantly?

partners fot.AKPA / Mikulski

partners fot.AKPA / Germany


fot.AKPA / Norbert Nieznanicki


fot.AKPA / Norbert Nieznanicki


fot.AKPA / Norbert Nieznanicki

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