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Pension valuation 2019. NET TABLE. New pension accounts from March 1, 2019. What value will be strengthened – and a rate in 2019?

Value value register of 2019. What is it?

102.86 per cent – this is in the 2019 index of indexes for pensions. What product has it out?

The retirement of retirement and disability pensions is so that the power of buying pensions and pensions can not be lost, and that the signal is not bigger than doing; changing the benefits of current economic environment.

The value is the value of the economy's results for the previous year.

The percentage value value is the result of an average annual price index of consumer goods and services, as well as at least 20 per cent of the actual increase in average salary.

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The data was on average annual customer price accounts for households with electors and pensioners representing the President of the Statistical Headquarters in the middle of January 2019 101.6 and 101.8, respectively.

That means that to set up a index index in 2019The average annual average rate for electorate and pension households in 2018 was accepted at 101.8 per cent.

At the same time, the President of the CSO said on 11 February this year. There was an increase in average salary in 2018 to 5.3 per cent.

This means that the lower pension increases from PLN 18,019 with PLN 70.20 from PLN 1,029.80 to PLN 1,100.

Retirement pension and retirement pensions 2019. What increase?

ZUS paid pensions are paid up valuable index – 2.86 per centbut PLN 70 fewer than. But last-minute preservation, however, needs to be remembered by all its pensions.

This year, there is a special accumulation that he also accepts his & her; The minimum increase of benefits of total 70 PLNs. However, such a pension increase will be certain for people with an appropriate insurance time in ZUS.
For women, this time is 20 years, and for men – 25 years – emphasizing Sebastian Szczurek from the Social Insurance Institute.

There is also good news for those who receive a minimum pension. From 1 March, 2019, it reaches a 1,100 large PLN (formerly PLN 1029.80).

– Every beneficiary can verify exactly what the increase is already enjoying from the pay terms at the & # 39; March of pension or pension. It is enough to provide the total amount of ZUS benefits by 102.86%. If the pension is given, for example, a PLN 1,900 large, PLN 54 or PLN 70 will be increased from March if it meets the state of this increase – says Sebastian Szczurek, the regional spokesperson ZUS the Voivodeship Opolskie.

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Reduction in cover is not only not just old age and disability pensions, but also those benefits that the law was made up to 28th February 2019.

Rate of pensions and pensions 2019. Minister Rafalska at his press conference. The minimum pension will increase from 1 March 2109 with 70.20 PLN, from the 1,029.80 PLN size to the number of 1100 PLN. lack
  • So, the full invalid pension and pensioner of the person who lives live; Increase with full PLN 70 at least.
  • A pension due to incapacity can work higher with a total 52.50 PLN.
  • Party retirement with a total 35 PLN will increase at least.

Remember, however, if, for some reason, paying its benefit to date has not been subject to index. The increase will only be possible when the pay is re-instigated – Sebastian Szczurek, the regional spokesperson of the Social Insurance Institute in Opole, will explain.

Rate of pensions and pensions 2019 TABLE. Total pensions, retirement pension

Weight loss for some older people is not 2.86 per cent of the profit, and 70 zlotys are full. The situation for a high 70 PLN increase has a registered increase in ZUS (20 years for women and 25 years for men).

In pattern, the net ("hand-held") value after 2019 is strengthened.

Advantages of value for moneyFull advantage after classical index (102.86 per cent)Full advantage after accumulation with PLN 70 full
10301059.45 (901.84)1100 (934.59)
11001131.46 (959.99)1170 (991.11)
12001234.32 (1043.05)1270 (1071.86)
13001337.18 (1126.11)1370 (1152.61)
14001440.04 (1209.17)1470 (1233.36)
15001542.90 (1292.23)1570 (1314.11)
16001645.76 (1375.29)1670 (1394.86)
17001748.62 (1458.35)1770 (1475.61)
18001851,48 (1541.41)1870 (1556.36)
19001954.34 (1624.46)1970 (1637.11)
20002057.20 (1707.52)2070 (1717.86)
21002160.06 (1790.58)2170 (1798.61)
22002262.92 (1873.64)2270 (1879.36)
23002365.78 (1956.70)2370 (1960.11)
24002468.64 (2039.76)2470 (2040.86)
24502520.07 (2081.29)2520 (2081.24)

Rate of pensions and pensions 2019 TABLE. Total pensions, web retirement

Above the total of 2450 PLNs The pension will increase with the 2019 calendar index. Record information.

Full pension before giving valueTotal reduction after valueNet pensions after cash value (available)

The total cost of pension and other benefits of the general, agricultural and military system is estimated at approximately 7.9 billion PLN.

This means that it will be lower with around 458 million from the index cost of 103.26%. and a secure increase of 70 zlotys.

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