Pesa challenged the tender for trams in Warsaw

"We certify that Pesa has applied to the KIO [Krajowej Izby Odwoławczej] The intention of the motion for the delivery of movable stock for Warsaw Trams "- says the official situation of the Bydgoszcz company. This is related to the offers, and Hyundai's winner, which has been achieved with many doubts.

European Parliament PiS sent to Europe to stop the service for Warsaw trams

The Kosovo Złotowski MEP will bring the Law and Justice into the European Commission as a result of the Warsaw tram service. How to …

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On 8 February, President of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, announced that the bid for new vehicles for his home was Hyundai. This has had many adverse effects. It was stressed that the capital authorities benefit a foreign company on indigenous, prestigious cost.

According to its company, its management decided to make an application in particular due to the importance of the business and its potential for ongoing cooperation with Warsaw Trams.

"Having examined the documents and knowing the information available, we decided to report, among others, to the formal elements of the offer and its # 39 ; question on the correctness of its appraisal, the representative position, the preservation of resources and the reliability of proofs in relation to contract performance with an authentic company, and reading the statement.






# National Appeal Chamber


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