PGE Ekstraliga. The former President of Steel, under the Kasprzak tax and Kildemand: I'm going out, I was shaking the result so far.

Nobody could expect these feelings in Gorzów. With true difficulties the guests came to influence the Speed ​​Car Motor Lublin team (49:41). Władysław Komarnicki was again interrupting the idea of ​​Peter Kildemand and Krzysztof Kasprzak.

Kamil Hynek

Kamil Hynek

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/ In the picture: Krzysztof Kasprzak

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In fact, Stal has been struggling with a car's distance for a long time. The Lublin railway bicycle is struggling only with the balance in the second half of the competition. At some point visitors have already given six points of benefit. But then you brought Captain Bartosz Zmarzlik into your hands.

– Looking at this game, I really enjoyed it. I just couldn't remember when the last time on the menu in Gorzów was connected by the middle of the game. Let me be honest, to see what the state's warnings were doing, I was shaking because of the final result – that Stal Gorzów Stal Wladyslaw Komarnicki was.

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After a loss in Czeststowaowa, in the second meeting in a row, Krzysztof Kasprzak – Peter Kildemand does a lot of work. Before Friday's skirmice, Komarnicki was convinced that the first one would be restored. – I am deceived by what they have appeared. I didn't believe Krzysiek would have such a ear. I don't understand this and it is a great pleasure to be there. After all, Kildemand gave signals in a purse that could take advantage of it – it's breaking its head.

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The shape of Kasprzak is more of an issue. In addition to one magic, when Rafał Karczmarz broke a pair of twins from Lublin, he did not stand with any special strength. It was very slow and in most races came to the end of the field. – Krzysiek is too big to work in the state. Everyone has to come together sooner or later. I am very worried about a Danish mate. He is sitting quietly in motorcycle, he looks like it didn't work in the right winter – he gives his opinion.

– repeat me again. Kildemand must surrender to him, or the current season is his last in PGE Ekstralidze. I suspect that he is unable to return. Everyone can see what this boy is up to. No dangerous club can take him any more – he says.

– We both stood out from the rest, but fortunately Rafał Karczmarz shop was close to the Chomski coach. Steel youths became the hero. Without his advantages, the profit would have been just as he has been – he says.

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Is it worthwhile to be confident in the context of the return to good Peter Kildemand?

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