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You can find summary cuts of programs of the "Prisoner of Love" series below.
New Turkish result "Prisoner of love" instead of the series "Tears of Cennet." in the TVP2 roster

How many programs are "Prisoner of Love"?

The Prison of Love series consists of 399 programs.


Prisoner of program love 10 … Issue 4 March 2019.

Episode 9 Prisoner of Love – disagreement, case 1 March, 2019
A doctor in the United States will confirm Ajs's judgment. Jenner's associate Zehra, who stole her earlier when she lost an awareness. It will try to accept the & # 39; his praises hurriedly. Omer is searching for the place to find; at Zehra in prison. He is trying to release it

Prisoner of LOVE (program 8) summary Issue 28 February, 2019.
Zehra is learning to enter the terms of his contract. Omer is going to take pictures for the wedding certificate, and then choose the dress. Jener is a dream about Zehra. Zehra will lose awareness when he writes. Jener has finally been abolished.

Prisoner of program love 7 Issue 27 February
Zehra will put out her father's debt. He was getting money into hospital. Jener is also getting money for the job and taking it to Sevim. Omer purchases elegant creation, and then tells the family that he is in a position; marry her.

MINUTE LOVE – program 6. Tuesday, February 26
Summary of program 6: In the program, which will be shown on TVP 2 on Tuesday the next week, Salima's health will be go down. The patient is likely to need another cost. Sevim praises your Jener if he's a? paying for his or her objection, Zehra agrees to be his wife certainly. At the same time, the girl agrees with Omera's terms and marks a marriage contract.

Prisoner of love – program 5, magazine on Monday, 25 February [STRESZCZENIE]
Sevim confirms Yener that Zehra will be accept his recommendation. At the same time, Omer praises the girl's daughter; expecting his wife for half a year. Zehra's father does not accept his / her; Yener praises. Sevim throws her husband and her husband out of the house.


Prisoner of love – program 4, issue of 22 February
Zehra, his mother, says she does not want to marry. Okay, see Omer arguing with Zehra, and letting them go to; fight. A couple are taken to hospital. Demir tells Shirra about Ajsze's illness.

Prisoner of love actors

The series of the "Prisoner of Love" series:

The new TVP2 series "Prisoner of Love" will perform:

  • Hazal Subasi
  • Erkan Meriç,
  • Yaprak Durmaz

What is the "Prisoner of Love" series?
It is a moral statue in the series, where the main characters' event is a. happening in Turkey. The brothers Ayse and Omer were abandoned by their mother. Omer complains that her Ayse sister is always the most important person. She is learning she does not have much time to stay. He decides that his sister will make a happy sister and marry her, A wonderful wedding with a woman who needs money.

Including a contract with Zehra, but later things are happening. grow complicated, want her sweethearted sister, he's a Decides to marry Zehra, but everything is not going on.

Prisoner of Love SERIAL summary

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