Prof Zbigniew Krysiak: Heavily placed on VAT controllers

"At the date of the government and parliament, there was a strong but strong group of people interested in the Polish tax system," said PAP. Zbigniew Krysiak, describing the impact of his work; Special VAT Commission. He said that decision makers at that time gave legal solutions that enabled the Createers to create their mobile phones.

"Former minister of finance finance Elżbieta Chojny-Duch has confirmed that a Polish tax law was set up by a group of people who were under pressure from a number of stakeholder groups – Krysiak said.

Chojna-Duch told the VAT inquiry committee on Wednesday. She said, among others, that the legislative process for the administration of the PO and PSL governments was taken over by outside councilors from their financial and ministry officers. On Marek Jakubiak's question (no), why was withdrawn after several months of work at the Ministry of Finance, she said: "Given that I have TVN about protecting the tax system, I think such a thing – she said. She explained that the Ministry stated that the Prime Minister Donald Tusk was watching the program and had He is very unhappy.

Chojna-Duch was a state director in the financial department in the years 1994-1995 and during the PSL PO rule in the years 2007-2010. At the beginning of January 2010, it was set by the Financial Policy Council with the Sejm.

Speaking on Wednesday's previous Chojny-Duch qualification, Krysiak included that the levels of activity of politicians and experts had not shown were inappropriate, inappropriate in the & # 39 ; Most countries around the world. "If this was a case in the United States, we have to respond quickly," he said. He said he was surprised by the information that has been over the years "a group of key decision makers (…) will restore the authorities, people who are familiar for each other ".

"This is not a matter of directors in the offices, we are dealing with this with the highest level of action," he said. And he says that the decision makers should "accept the solutions that created the criminogenic device that enabled his mafia to" look after the service. "I hope that the research committee will send more and more complaints to the procurator's office" – he stressed.

Krysiak also believes that about 250 billion PLN, which has been out of budget due to the provision of VAT or lower payments, is a major loss for the Polish economy. "It's about 3/4 of the state's state budget cost," he names. He says that this money, roads, schools and companies would be created.

He believes that a group of decision makers work under the global economic crisis. "Donald Tusk has been trying to persuade people to confirm his long-lived zone, he has welcomed him as a green & white island. ; tell us, and we only find out how this device works, and he says.

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