ROSSMANN: Promotion 2 + 2 free on Valentine's Day MINUTE 2019. 4 different results for men from her? [8 lutego 2019 r.]

Promotion Rossmann: 2 + 2 free for men's care products

February 2019 is the 2 + 2 timing in Rossmann, with a keen interest among customers. In 2018, he published his drug shop that was a Many are popular for human care products. So it will be this year. The publication is on 9 February and lasts until 17 February. Rossmann offers 4 different products from people who can be a good gift for the future Valentine Day.

The whole gift from you.

Amongst the products covered by the 2+ free increase in Rossmann, among others:

  • sheep and facial care and beef,
  • Different types of male shoes and deodorants,
  • gels fras.

These materials and other products must be identified by a red 2 + 2 leaflet. The offer is only intended for members of the Rossmann Club and will cover 4 different items for the care of men. It should be noted that one member of the club can use the 2 + 2 increase free of charge in Rossmann just once.

Brosnachadh in Rossmann: 4 different products for men

Remember that from rising 2 + 2 free on & # 39; 4 different products for men Only members of the Rossmann Club can be used. How do you do one?

  1. You need to download the Rossmann app for your phone
  2. Record with the required data (email, password)
  3. By participating in the Rossmann Club, we will be able to use advertising campaigns, flashbacks and discounts by Rossmann.

Rossmann: Increase 2 + 2 – February 2019 PRINCIPLES

The 2+ 2 regulation regulations in Rossmann, as in previous editions, may be the following:
materials covered with the 2 + 2 promotion are marked by a special label

  • A list of products that is subject to 2 + 2 submits in the rules of activity is available on the Rossmann website,
  • The 2+ 2 on the Rossmann network will be available both in official stores and through the online shop.

To be able to take advantage of the 2 + 2 promotion in Rossmann it will be essential to complete 4 products that take part in their activity. It should be remembered, however, that they should be different:

  • bar code,
  • catalog number in online shop.

After performing the conditions above, we will be able to take advantage of their promotion.

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