Slasg Wrocław – Zagłębie Sosnowiec. BEACH SPORT 9/02/2019 Ekstraklasa (Càite on the television, STREAM ONLINE, LIVE)


Wrocław Slasg with new training and new hopes

It was not a peaceful winter; in Wroclaw. At the end of the autumn, Pawłowski's coach Tadeusz lost his position, and Paweł Barylski did not have his supporter at the moment for his / her case to add more work to him in this post.

The president is also new, but not completely, as Piotr Waśniewski does not have to support the true Silesia fans. Under his attack he was the most successful club in the last few years, with the Polish tournament in 2012 a & # 39; including.

Vitezslav Lavicka, who attempts to set up a team in its own way, has failed to do so, make up cadre. Oporowska's three new players appeared: Krzysztof Mączyński, Lubambo Musonda and Mateusz Hołownia, who were lent out of Legia Warsaw on Thursday.

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Mączyński is essential to play in the & # 39; first team already in the meeting with its & # 39; Zagłębie Sosnowiec, but with Lubambo Musonda and Mateusz Hołownia Śląsk Wrocław in the time they may have a lot of need too.


Lavicka does his official role in the meeting by Zagłębie Sosnowiec at Wrocław Stadion. The Benjamin will close her & # 39; league board and the main candidate for falling. It is not surprising, therefore, that Sosnowiec has a real restraint through catching rooms and a club. Nine players came with their club and ten new players were introduced to the place.

– In fact, we know how this team has changed. It was not easy to find out about it, as there were not many opportunities to see how they play and play; activities. But we did something out, however. In terms of the new players in Zagłębie, I know a bit from Slovak conferences, such as Lukáš Greššák. We know what to expect and we'll be well prepared – Vitezslav Lavicka's authentic coach.

Slasg Wrocław – Zagłębie Sosnowiec LIVE TRANSMISSION 8/02/2019 Exstraklasa (Càite on the television, STREAM AIR-LÀN, LIVE)

Wrocław Slasal supporters are interested in the view of the Czech Republic to play WKS-u. Previous coach, among others Sparta Prague did not want to investigate this topic too, but drew a sketch of his plan.

– We need to be a fair team. For me, the main features of an innovative subject, religious belief and their highest commitment. During the preparation time, we work hard on the mental side, as everything is done; start in the heads. A Saturday decision is a great test for us, which offers us many answers – he explained the "Trio-color" coach.


In Zagłębie gun Worm, Cholewiak left the defenders

Typically, the personal trainer's personal conclusions are the most personal emotions. Lavicka pointed out that Marcin Robak has a problem with the ankle and his own training. He concluded that the final decision had not yet been made, but between the lines it made clear that Worm did not play for a football start in Wroclaw.

The problem is also the surviving defense, as Djordje Cotra is hanging, and Augusto is injured. Mateusz Cholewiak may return to this setting. He played there at the beginning of the current season, but he did not; look good.

– I spoke to my staff about the history of Cholewiak's exhibitions on the left-hand side. However, training and spa during the training period showed that it is possible to play well in this situation. I believe it will also be a reinforce in the league. In fact, Djordje Cotry is a barrier to us, that is why Hołownia came with us. Sosnowiec has not yet played the Parade, because it has time to change our training and get involved in a team – said Lavicka.

– I would like tomorrow to come to the park with the number of fans and that this game would appeal to them so they would like to return there. On Thursday we trained at the Wrocław Stadium and I have to say that it is; look good. – summarize a new "Military" keeper.


Who wins the game Śląsk Wrocław – Zagłębie Sosnowiec?

Safeguarding test

In addition to the Cotra, Robak and Augusto statement, by Zagłębie Sosnowiec, it will not stop for Łukasz Broź. Kamil Dankowski could be defended on the right, but the Silesian scholar comes to full-form after the injuries and most likely to see Piotr Celebana. Then the pair of stadiums will be created by Wojciech Golla and Mariusz Pawelec.

Krzysztof Mączyński will play from the new players from the beginning and Lubambo Musonda will be on the move. bench. Mateusz Hołownia wants Silesia Wrocław to wait for a week at least.

The anticipated amount of Śląska Wrocław for a game by Zagłębie Sosnowiec: Slowik – Cholewiak, Golla, Pawelec, Celeban – Radecki, Mączyński – Pich, Chrapek, Farshad – Piech.

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